Temptec Copper Hybrid

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Experience the ultimate in cool and comfortable sleep with our Temptec hybrid mattress. The 12-inch plush copper infused mattress is specially designed for sleepers who prefer a cool night's sleep.

The cool-to-the-touch ultra cooling cover is designed to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. The cover is made with advanced cooling technology that dissipates heat and wicks away moisture, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience.

The top layer of the mattress is 3 inches of copper and cooling gel infused memory foam. The copper infusion helps to keep you cool by drawing heat away from your body. The cooling gel also helps to regulate your body temperature, so you can sleep comfortably all night long.

The middle layer of the mattress is 1 inch of gentle support transition foam, which provides a gentle transition from the top layer to the supportive base layer.

The hybrid layer of the mattress is 7 inches of individually-wrapped steel coils. These coils provide exceptional support and responsiveness, while also promoting airflow to keep you cool. The individually-wrapped design also reduces motion transfer, so you won't be disturbed by your partner's movements throughout the night.

Finally, the base layer of the mattress is 1 inch of durable body support base foam. This layer provides a sturdy foundation for the mattress and ensures that you have proper spinal alignment throughout the night.

In summary, our Temptec hybrid mattress is the perfect choice for sleepers who crave a cool and comfortable night's sleep. With its advanced cooling technology, copper and cooling gel-infused memory foam, supportive steel coils, and durable base foam, this mattress has everything you need for a great night's sleep.