Infinity Smart Chair x3

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Relax! You’ve earned it!

The all-new Infinity SmartChair X3 massage chair is on a level all its own. Not only does this chair offer the same high-quality technology and aesthetic look of the original SmartChair, but it also offers the most advanced 3D technology in the massage chair industry. New Bluetooth capability and a re-designed remote make the SmartChair X3 extremely user-friendly. Plus, you’ll enjoy the same great features like the decompression stretch and spinal alignment.

When you invest in the massage chair of your dreams, we know you’re investing in the lifetime of comfort and quality that it will provide. The Infinity full body massage provides a timeless blend of technology, relaxation, and aesthetics. The Smart Chair is the ultimate in indulgence!

Immerse yourself in Zero Gravity!

The Benefits of Zero Gravity Like the zero gravity astronauts experience in space, the Smart Chair provides a weightless experience to relieve tension, stress and muscle discomfort. With two zero gravity positions the experience promotes overall well-being, reducing your heart rate, lowering blood pressure, soothing stress, and calming both the body and mind for a one of a kind relaxation experience. The steady rhythmic massage soothes fatigued muscles, releases tension and restores a normal, steady heart rate by assisting in the transmission of oxygen-rich blood throughout your entire body.

1. TARGETED MASSAGE: While still in manual “Function” mode, you can begin to target specific areas of the back. Zone—Select once for a regional massage, and again to pause the rollers in a specific area. Roller Adjust—Effect micro-movements of the rollers to pinpoint trouble areas.
2. SEAT SWIVEL: Press for seat/waist twisting airbag function through 3 different intensities.
3. HEAT: Enable lumbar heat, allow a few moments for heat effect to be felt.
4. ZERO GRAVITY: Select to achieve weightless-type posture. Press again for a deeper recline, and again to turn off.
5. FOOT ROLLERS: Press to turn on foot/sole roller massage. Continue to press button through 3 increasing intensities.
6. 16 PRE-SET PROGRAMS: Press to cycle through time settings of 30/20 or 10 minutes. To end, press on/off button. Recover—Strenuous and invigorating, full body massage. Extend—Gentle stretching and pulling loosens stiff muscles and joints, enhances flexibility. Refresh—Gentle full body massage. Relax—Soothing moderate massage featuring air pressure massage for the neck and shoulders.
7. MANUAL ROLLER CONTROLS: Press Function to select manual massage programming. Continue to press “Function” to rotate through 6 different massage techniques.
8. MANUAL AIR BAG CONTROLS: Air Bags—Select for full airbag massage. Arms & Shoulders—Select for A/S massage. Upper Body—Select for upper body massage. Legs & Feet—Select for foot/sole/calf massage. Air Intensity—Press to increase/decrease the strength and intensity of air bags.
9. MUSIC CONTROLS: Relax to your own music selection using a USB flash drive
10. RECLINE CONTROLS: Adjust both the back and leg rest to desirable positions.
11. SCREEN: View your massage options on the dynamic guide screen

Head Rest Pillow Airbags Through gentle swinging motions and pressure points, the airbags inflate and deflate to provide superior comfort and relaxation, relieving tension, neck pain and headaches.